Name Against the Grain
Address 31 High St
Phone 608-987-2329
Website Facebook Link
Name Artful Apparel & More
Address 232 High St
Phone 608-987-0022
Name The Board Shoppe
Address 20 Fountain St
Phone 608-987-2454
Name Boyoyoboy! African Art Collective
Address 22 High St
Phone 312-561-7191
Name Brewery Pottery
Address 276 Shake Rag St
Phone 608-987-3669
Name C. Peplinski Design
Address 216 High St
Phone 608-987-0129
Website Etsy Link
Name Chestnut Hill Studio
Address 225 Commerce St
Phone 608-482-4164
Name DeeConstruct
Address 214 High St
Phone 608-206-9304
Website Facebook Link
Name The Glimmering Prize
Address 223 Commerce St
Phone 802-399-8286
Name Green Lantern Project Space
Address 261 High St
Phone 608-987-4178
Name Howdle Studio, Inc
Address 225 Commerce St
Phone 608-987-3590
Name Jane Wilcoxson Studios
Address 9 Fountain St
Phone 630-551-0121
Name Johnston Gallery
Address 245 High St
Phone 608-987-3787
Name Longbranch Gallery
Address 203 Commerce St
Phone 608-987-4499
Name Mayday Press
Address 109 Commerce St
Phone 608-553-0227
Name The Pear & Salvage Home
Address 12 Fountain St
Phone 608-987-2902
Name Prairie Oaks Artisans
Address 207 Commerce St
Phone 630-728-9998
Website Facebook Link
Name Robert Clements Studio
Address 237 High St
Phone 608-987-0066
Website Facebook Link
Name Stonewall Art Studio/Gallery
Address 231 High St
Phone 608-987-6100
Name Sugar Row Gallery
Address 234 High St
Phone 312-479-2832
Name Tom Kelly Studio
Address 203 Commerce St
Phone 608-987-2295
Name Windy Ridge Pottery
Address 262 High St
Phone 608-574-6224