It's in the way we approach and appreciate creativity. In our acceptance of people and lifestyles. The way we restore our buildings and put on a 4th of July parade. We recognise the influence that art and myriad artists have had on our heritage, preservation, reputation and quality of life.
ARTS ON POINT celebrates the energy of Mineral Point art and artists on four weekends for you, your family and friends to enjoy. The first weekends of April, June, August and December are a-flutter with colorful flags by 22 art galleries and many unique shops with open hours extending into Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons  - this Driftless Area town of 2500 has more galleries per resident than Santa Fe!
Restaurants and pubs offer a smorgasbord of dining specials, several venues offer live music, improv, films and entertainment with a festive feel in this architectural and historical gem of a Southwest Wisconsin town. You’re invited to visit us, chat with artists, take creative workshops, and have fun in an inclusive, very welcoming oasis of creative art and friendly folks. And maybe you’ll find the love of your life in a portrait on canvas, a hunk of artisan cheese, an old stone wall, an unforgettable melody in the evening air.